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The Power of QTORIN™

Palvella’s proprietary QTORIN™ platform was developed over several years of research to overcome inherent challenges with topical delivery across a wide range of drugs including rapamycin. The challenges of topical delivery include high molecular weight, chemical and physical instability, acceptable drug concentrations and targeting skin penetration to achieve limited systemic absorption.  The QTORIN™ platform overcomes these challenges to topical delivery and is compatible with a diverse range of cargoes for targeted delivery to the site of pathology, usually within the deep layers of epidermis or dermis. Additionally, QTORIN™ has demonstrated reliable and scalable cGMP manufacturing. All of Palvella’s programs, including QTORINTM rapamycin 3.9% and PTX-014, leverage QTORIN™ to deliver the active cargos directly to the site of genetic pathology of each disease. QTORIN™ offers potential applicability to a wide range of diseases and drugs, including single agents and fixed combinations.

Palvella has generated intellectual property (IP), including formulation IP for QTORINTM and its products through 2038. As we continue to invest in the platform and pipeline expansion, we believe this will yield additional IP for future development programs.

How QTORIN™ Works

QTORIN™ works through a three-phase metamorphic process to delivery highly concentrated and stabilized cargoes to the site of disease pathogenesis.

In the primary phase, QTORIN™ delivers high-concentration and room-temperature stable API to the surface of the skin. Upon contact with the skin (activation phase), the volatile components of QTORIN™ evaporate, leaving a residual solution with a maximum concentration of API. Without penetration enhancers, QTORIN™ enables tailored distribution of each cargo at the target site of pathophysiology with minimal systemic delivery.

QTORIN in Action: QTORIN Rapamycin